Recreational Cooking Schools

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Recreational cooking schools are not a viable option if you are looking to enter the culinary industry. However, these schools can be perfect if you just want to learn a few techniques for better meals at home or if you just enjoy cooking and want to spend a few days to a week learning improving your cooking skills. You can also get a better feel for the culinary profession if you take a few classes.

Viking Cooking Schools

The Viking Cooking Schools are for all skill levels of chefs who want to learn how to cook world class food in the comfort of their homes. All Viking classrooms are equipped with high-performance, professional Viking appliances, cookware and cutlery. Class lengths range from several hours to several weeks and cover everything from pasta classes to backyard grilling classes.

The Viking Cooking School also offers demonstrations, lectures and special events.

Culinary Arts School Recreational Programs

Many professional culinary art schools also have recreational classes. The Culinary Institute of America offers several 1 to 5 day classes that are perfect for the home cook to get lots of information from in a short period of time.