Culinary Programs in Traditional Schools

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Traditional College with Bachelors Degree

Many colleges are now offering culinary courses and even allowing people to major in cooking. This degree normally includes more business and liberal arts courses and leads to a career in hospitality or restaurant management. One of the more common offerings is a major in Hospitality Administration / Management.

Vocational School with Associates Degree

These cooking schools take about two years and are hands on cooking schools that give a student the knowledge and kitchen skills to work in any culinary field. This is a great options if you are unsure of where you would like to specialize. They teach a fundamental approach to cooking that prepares you for most culinary jobs as well as preparing you to get a Bachelor's degree if you want to keep going. Some types of degress that can be earned are Food and Beverage Restaurant Operations, Food Products Retailing and Wholesaling, Food Sales Operations, and General Retailing and Wholesaling Operations.