Types of Culinary Arts Schools

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There are several types of culinary arts schools. We'll cover pastry schools, baking schools, traditional culinary arts schools and several other types.

Type type of culinary arts school you attend should be carefully thought out, especially to determine what you want to get out of your culinary education.

Culinary Arts Schools

A Culinary Institute or Culinary Arts School are strictly cooking schools. All subjects revolve around cooking, culinary subjects, and the food service and hospitality industries.<br/><br/>

Culinary Programs in Traditional Schools

Many 2 and 4 year colleges are now offering culinary courses and even allowing people to major in cooking.

Recreational Cooking Schools

Recreational cooking schools are not a viable option if you are looking to enter the culinary industry. However, these schools can be perfect if you just want to learn a few techniques for better meals at home or if you just enjoy cooking and want to spend a few days to a week learning improving your cooking skills. You can also get a better feel for the culinary profession if you take a few classes

Baking and Pastry Chef Schools

Bakers and Pastry chefs are in charge of a restaurant's desserts and breads. From fancy high-end desserts to homestyle loafs and a neighborhood bakery, baking and pastry chef schools can teach you all the skills you'll need to succeed.