Connecticut Culinary Schools

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Connecticut has two main culinary arts schools in the state. The Culinary Institute of Connecticut and the Center for Culinary Arts. We'll discuss both of them.

Culinary Institute of Connecticut

The largest and best known culinary arts school in connecticut, the Culinary Institute of Connecticut is located in downtown Hartford Connecticut. The have an Advanced Culinary Arts Program, a Professional Pastry and Baking Program, and an Advanced Italian Culinary Arts Program. They are provide externships to many of the best restaurants in the area. The goal of this culinary arts school is:

"As a CCI student, you will acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of both classical and contemporary cuisine, so that you can implement your own personal style when turning your love for cooking into a rewarding career."

Connecticut Culinary Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) and is approved by Commissioner of the State of Connecticut Department of Higher Education.

Connecticut Center for Culinary Arts

Part of the Lincoln Technical Institute, the Center for Culinary Arts fosters has several locations throughout Connecticut. The goal of this culinary arts school is:

"By fostering a hands-on teaching environment our students learn interactively through discussion, demonstration and direct contact with chef-instructors, administrators, restaurant owners, industry professionals and chefs and are prepared to enter the fast-paced food service industry upon graduation. By engaging students in the learning process, together we can produce results."