Tips for the Culinary Arts

Produce converter Are you tired of recipes that call for "The Juice of 1 Lime" when you only have bottled lime juice? Can't figure out how many onions you need to get "2 Cups of Onion, Chopped"?

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or search "Produce Converter" in the App Store. recently interviewed a local culinary arts instructor. He had some good hints about working in the food industry:
Q: How important do you feel it is to incorporate business aspects of the culinary arts field into your lesson plans? A: Extremely important. The food industry is not a nonprofit industry; in fact, it's one of the hardest businesses to profit in. If you can make all these amazing dishes but you can't price them correctly to pay off all of your expenses and still make a profit, you won't be successful.
Q: What advice would you give to a prospective culinary arts student? A: Be prepared to sacrifice a lot of your time. Understand that people in this industry work weekends and holidays. Any time when people aren't working is our busiest time. We take our breaks from work when everyone else is working.
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