Paso Robles High School Culinary Arts Academy

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The Paso Robles High School Culinary Arts Academy is doing some innovative things with its students. It's not your traditional Home Economics program, that's for sure.
With such a comprehensive program and extensive facilities at their behest, the high school students??? quick fire but thorough induction into the fast-paced world of cuisine helps to endow them with skills useful in the professional world ??? no matter what direction they choose to go in.

???Even though we call it is a classroom it is not ??? it is a working kitchen,??? said Rod Blackner, Paso Robles food service director. ???They are learning working skills and they are learning how to assimilate into a working environment. I just see huge growth in that because they learn how to work and it is not just here ??? they are fundamentals [the students] will use no matter what careers they pick.??? - Pasa Robles Press
It's always great when local chefs and institutions take a first hand role in educating young people about the culinary industry. Not only will it expose more people to cooking as a career at a younger age but it will also show them what to expect when they get out into the industry, or even culinary school.

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