Choosing a Culinary Arts School

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When deciding on a culinary arts school to go to there are a lot of things to take into account and different culinary schools are better suited for different culinary students. When you're examining culinary schools here's some things to look for:

Visit the Culinary Arts School

Go to the culinary arts school and take a tour, try to see cooking classes in progress and get a feel for how this particular culinary school teaches its students. Also talk to both students and faculty about their thoughts of the culinary arts school.

Compare the Curriculum of the Culinary School

Some culinary arts schools are 6 month and offer a certificate upon graduation while others are up to 4 years and bestow a normal bachelor of arts degree. Depending on the type of education you want, and the amount of time you can spend going to culinary school, you'll want to pick one that meets your needs. See what classes are offered and make sure it covers all the topics and cuisines you are interested in learning while at culinary arts school.

The Culinary School's Job Placement Program

The reason to go to culinary arts school is do get a job in the industry so see what externship opportunities the culinary school provides and also how many graduates find jobs after they graduate, especially in fields you are interested in.

Accreditation of the Culinary Arts School

Accreditation of a culinary arts school is critical since it means that the culinary school has met a set of standards about the facilities and course content. Culinary arts schools also have to have offered a program in culinary arts for more than five consecutive years to be eligible for accreditation. The biggest agency of culinary school accreditation is the American Culinary Federation Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFFAC) but there are several regional associations which also set the standards and accredit culinary arts schools.

Culinary Arts School Location

Make sure the location of the culinary arts school you are interested in is a place you don't mind living for the duration of the program. Some locations are also more expensive to live that others. Another option is online culinary classes, though these aren't as highly thought of as the hands on culinary arts schools.

Cost of the Culinary Arts School

Culinary arts schools can run from a $2,000 one time fee up to $30,000 a year for several years. In general, community college and public university culinary schools are the cheapest while full culinary arts institutes and culinary arts programs at private universities are the most expensive. In many, but not all, cases you get what you pay for, with many of the best culinary arts schools charging much more. Financial aid is also available for many students in most culinary arts schools.